14 definition by pepe

One who rides the waves of an females orgasmic release. When the twat secretes massive amounts of female jazm, the male sometimes feels the need to grab a board and yell cowabunga...surf the vagina
Man those were some gnarly waves! Cowabunga! I love being a tawthole surfer and sailing across the secretions of a hot vagina.
by pepe March 24, 2005

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One who has their balls all in a labrynth.
Piotrowski has puzzlenuts! Hes fucken retarded.
by Pepe April 17, 2004

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The process of receiving an oral treatment, usually from your girl-neighbor's dome. Said girl is usually drenched in skeet once dome-piece is received.
Jennifer gives amazing dome-piece. Right Sean?
by Pepe June 24, 2004

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getting fucked from behind right in the ass while the fucker and fuckee are both wearing kilts.
Have you ever tried the scottish bobsled? I can do it better than anyone. I can play the bagpipes while taking it in the coolie.
by pepe July 30, 2004

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getting fucked in the a-hole while having your head slammed against the ground. This can be done with straights or gays.
Let me ride on the carousel daddy, I want my fucking face to bleed all over your cock!
by pepe July 30, 2004

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One who has never seen dumb and dumber
Rutas never seen dumb and dumba
by pepe April 17, 2004

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Shitty major. The most useful is Econ 101 which you will probably attend sometime at college. Any further study of this 'science' is a total waste of time.
No studying Economics will not help you become an investment banker.

What if I want to do a PhD. Well you will realize that you don't know enough Math to do a PhD in Economics. Go study something more interesting.
by Pepe April 08, 2004

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