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The word "penis" has many definitions...

1.) A word you look up on Urban Dictionary when you're bored out of your mind.
2.) A word you make a define on Urban Dictionary when you have nothing to do.
3.) The third leg.
4.) That wibbly wobbly thing that should be hidden behind a closed door.
5.) The male genital

Male genital
Sally: "Hey have you seen James Charles?"
George: "Yes he cut off his penis."
by peepeepoopoolover February 29, 2020
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Aaliyah is a bad bitch and a real one. She is beautiful, hilarious, smart, and hottt. She cares about her friends and family more than she even cares about herself and isn't very easily offended. She also has a huge sense of humor and can very easily brighten your mood when your having a bad day with her jokes and bubbly personality.

If you know someone named Aaliyah, hold on to her! She is the best boyfriend or best friend you could ever ask for. She will always try to devote time for you and will love you endlessly. She also gives really good advice and is a great listener.

Finally, she's loved by every guy whether they're best friends or they're dating. Once again, this is because she's a real one. She will go out of her way to help you and always try her best to make you smile.

Oh ya, and she's thicccc.
Sarah: "I met this really awesome girl today."
Micheal: "Oh, really? That must've been Aaliyah."
by peepeepoopoolover February 29, 2020
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