On the edge of losing control.Slipping or sliding badly.
One's balance nearly lost or beyond retrieving.
"when E' came round that bend,Is' motorbike was gettin' all
wibbly wobbly nex'ta the Kerb!"
by oldee worldee January 31, 2016
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The act of losing all sense of balance or completely wiping out while on a distance run. It is completely acceptable to laugh at one for experiencing this unfortunate event.
Every time I run in my spikes during a race, I take one wrong step and my legs lose all control and I experience a wibbly wobble.
by 11839207247 September 21, 2015
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A phrase used to deliberately confuse, confound or befuddle a person with little or no grasp of the English language, who is employed in a job or position where the speaking and the comprehension of English is of paramount importance.

Its use is more effectively enhanced in a sentence, which utilizes other complicated or easily misunderstood words
Gas attendant: What now you want me?

Motorist: My good man, could you direct me, expeditiously if you please, to Wibble Wobble Ave?


Busboy: Can I help to you much?

Diner: Yes my dear fellow, we require forthwith, more bread rolls and a commodious pitcher of iced Wibble Wobble.
by Sparticus Freeholdius May 7, 2009
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The phenomenon that occurs when something simply jiggles in an endearing and adorable way.
Kaci: "Look, look! I've got me some jelly!"
Noah: "Oh lord, I know what happens next."
Kaci: *violently shakes jelly* "IT GO WIBBLE WOBBLE!"
by casanova.22 June 19, 2023
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A definition pertaining to male genitalia, for it "wibble wobbles"
Ima smack dat ho wif my Wibble Wobble!
by Camron932 October 18, 2008
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