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A closeted homosexual who covers up his homosexuality by acting the part of an evagelical christian homophobe who prostelytizes against gays from the pulpit while secretly having a homosexual relationship with a gay male prostitute and smoking meth.
The Colorado Springs preacher turned out to be a faggard and caused much pain to his family because of his deceptions.
by PedalPusher November 15, 2006

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A variation of the game Scrabble, but where players are drunk and instead of using real words they come up with their own word AND definition. Scoring is based upon group consensus on the creativity of the word and defintion.
We had downed many beers while playing Scrabble when we began having a hard time coming up with real words that were more than monosyllabic. We decided then to scrap the game and start a new one using our own words- drunken scrabble.
by pedalPusher July 02, 2006

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One or more buttocks and/or thighs with cactus spines in it, usually the result of an accident.
He crashed his mountain bike into a patch of cacti and came out with cactass. Because he could not pull them all out on his own, his buddies had to help.
by PedalPusher July 03, 2006

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Term used by cyclists as a greeting.
As my friend, whom I had not seen in a couple weeks, passed me in the opposite direction, he shouted "Bikes are for jerks."
by PedalPusher July 02, 2006

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Term used for drinking a copious quantity of yerba maté or other stimulating beverage.
Before drinking what would be the first of many cups of late night maté, he said, "Time to ride the snake."
by PedalPusher July 02, 2006

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