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commonly found affixed to the rear of a automobile or harley driven by a pseudo-Christian. It also refers to the person.

Another moniker for the Jesus Fish.

A play on Gefilte Fish, the stinky fish snack; Gefahr in German means DANGER. In other words when in the company of a person of the Gefahrte Fish, be prepared for hypocracy, back-stabbing and gossip of the highest order. Virtually nobody is free from the wrath of the Gefahrte Fish, meaning the only ones not being damned are the ones who happen to be present at the moment.

The Gefahrte Fish is typically seen on the back of cars and harleys driven by middle aged women who frequent crowds of similar age - usually letting everyone in the place know how righteous said woman is. Usually the same car or harley can later be seen parked at bars frequented by 20-something males.
Who the hell was that self-righteous churchlady??? - I don't know man but she has a Gefahrte Fish on the back of her Monte Carlo.
by paulvmunix October 24, 2007
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Immediate casual sex; a one night stand with out any night involved. To achieve this behavior requires two key ingredients: alcohol and lust.
Buddy: Who is that hottie. I would really like to meet her!

Paul: Oh ... that's <so and so>, I already did meet her ... for a zero night stand in the bathroom here the other night ... actually about 30 minutes after we met.

Buddy: You suck! BITCH!
by paulvmunix November 20, 2007
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moving at an extremely high velocity.

From the Special Theory of Relativity published in 1905 by Albert Einstein and his expression e=mc^2.

Although this term is strictly a hyperbole, since only very small particles in lab accelerators can approach the speed of light, it's use can be an appropriate exaggeration in certain cases.
I just got passed by an R1, he was relativistic!
by paulvmunix February 25, 2006
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A woman in her 30s or 40s who looks like she's in her 50s and acts like she's 13. Typically what this means is that they look a little too old for their age ( from too much partying or smoking ) and have the intelligence of roughly an early teen - not a good combination.

A play on June Cleaver - Juve = Juvenile. Juve Cleaver is both the singular and plural form. Juve Cleaver is usually blonde.

Juve Cleaver can regularly be found at popular bars and restaurants surrounded by other similar bimbos having similar traits. They are usually very loud and obnoxious to assure getting attention.

Also Juve Cleaver usually has a network of douchebag guys around who also lack adequate intelligence to be anything else but a Ward for their Juve.

A common behavior mode for Juve Cleaver is to stalk ex-boyfriends using the douchebag guy as a proxy, eventually showing up at the location of the ex-boyfriend and his date causing drama and making themselves look like the psychos they are. This behavior can usually be expected since Juve Cleaver has no shortage of men who have dumped her.
Buddy: Wasn't those gals at the last place? Why is that psycho looking blonde glaring at us?

Paul: Oh yes, that's Michelle and her friends, the douchebag over there is her proxy-stalker. We're being stalked by Juve Cleaver.

Buddy: BITCH!
by paulvmunix November 20, 2007
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