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(Internet Tough Guy)a person who acts very intimidiating while online, but doesnt do anything when in person. The origional ITG was Micheal Guitna of Canada who acted very intimidating online but was a much more timid in person. ITG's have spawned all over the world
"OMG that guy is such an ITG!!"
by Paul C January 23, 2004
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A child that is unkept
Ur son is a ragamuffin
by Paul C June 01, 2003
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A supposedly a fictional creature that if you leave a cup of piss out a sprinkle genie will drink it.
Damn, the sprinkle genie came again.
by Paul C April 28, 2003
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an idiot; one who thinks he knows, but does not
Jesus, you are a right clonker
by paul C November 04, 2003
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something that is marked by crudeness or flashy vulgarity....ur mom
ur mom was raffish last night
by Paul C June 01, 2003
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Various water snails; sometimes edible
I ate a whelk
by Paul C June 01, 2003
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1.)a sped
2.)everything and anything that is random
God,that was so grunda.
Hey,you grunda,get over here.
by Paul C April 21, 2003
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