1. One who looks a bit like a homeless person.
2. One who does not comb their hair.
3. One who wears old beat-up cloths.
4. Someone who is physically a mess.
Sally would look like a total rag-a-muffin till she bathed, did her hair and put on clean cloths.
by AaronS February 22, 2007
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pronounced as one word raguhmuffin
1. A person who looks really unkempt such as (usually in the mornings; their hair is is styled like they just rolled out of bed, the outfit they thought matched is actually lacking any kind of style.
friend, "hey!... ooo rough morning?"
you, "what's wrong with me?"
friend, "babe you look like a rag-a-muffin."
by koren hairston April 3, 2008
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Rag Muffin, the end result of a female's sanitary pad after use. Puffed up and red somewhat resembeling a long red/pink muffin.
I found someones rag muffin in the bathroom.

My finger swelled up like a rag muffin when i got stung by that bee.
by adnameere May 18, 2006
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