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Crazy behavior surrounding the Christmas holiday, especially Santa Claus, and very especially office holiday secret santa gift exchanges.
Oh crap, no work is going to get done this Friday - it's the staff holiday party and gift exchange insantaty. They go nuts.
by pamitha June 20, 2010
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A controversy, especially between family members, surrounding the schedule, location or menu of the annual Thanksgiving celebration.
There is a huge turkeyversy this year about whether to have dinner at Grandma's condo or Aunt Patty's trailer.
by pamitha November 20, 2009
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What happens after bridezilla gets married. Often spotted waving left hand in the air while roaring with narcissistic glee.
Holy crap, I thought things would get better after the wedding, but now she's a total wifezilla.
by pamitha July 2, 2010
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The alcoholic aunt - everyone has one. Usually found listing sideways on the couch at family gatherings, trapping younger relatives with an iron grip on the arm and imparting "some things about life no one else has the balls to tell you." This species is particularly abundant around the holidays.
Don't leave me alone at the party tonight, my Auntoholic Miriam is coming to visit and she always wants "girl talk" with me. (Shudder)
by pamitha December 25, 2011
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