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The n00bish and wrong way to spell the word 'appalling'. Studies have shown that farmers are among the worst spellers of this word.
I am APPALLED at your spelling
by Ownage May 06, 2005
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A common reply to someone who mentions anything regarding someone female on the internet. It is similar to the saying "omg, pix", except it should be pronounced without taking a break between words, and is used to show greater urgency. It is commonly accompanied by a good number of exclamation marks, and possibly a few ones as well (see example)
<jasonf> i just recompiled my kernel
<cutiegurl2483> brb, gonna take a shower
<fishnet> omgpix!!!!1!1!!!!
by ownage April 19, 2005
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A. A sport which involves catching fish. This is usually done with a net or pole.

B. An act preformed in jailhouses. Fishing happens when the current fish (a new inmate in prision, the bitch) either leaves, gets transfered, or is just plain used up. Fishing is teh process of selecting a new fish for the jail. Once fishing is complete the newly deemed fish is raped by the other inmates as they chant "fish........ fish....... fish...."
A. Me and my friend Winston went fishing off the pier. Then we played some wiffle ball

B. Peter, the current fish was dry and used up so the jailhouse went fishing and selected Tom as their new fish. Then they pulled the cords and had a seizure.
by Ownage December 08, 2004
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means pwned or owned its all the same.
pawnt bitch
by ownage March 18, 2004
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Robpol is an irc guy with many problems, such as his ever changing sexuality.
In plain terms he is fun to laugh at.
'You suck "robpol"'
'Get off my irc server "robpol"'
'"Robpol" likes teh sp00ns'
by Ownage November 07, 2004
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Refers to an action preformed by many people involved in automobile accidents, usually a rear end collision. To neck and back one will immediatly claim they are hurt weather they really are or not. They will the sue the other party or insurance company in order to collect compensation for their "injuries"

It is known as "neck & back" due to the fact that these are what most people claim they have hurt as these are the easiest injuries to collect on.
Person: Hey I got in a car accidnet yesterday. Some idiot hit me in the rear going about 5 miles per hour.

Person's Friend: Did you neck and back?

Person: Of course!!
by Ownage November 01, 2007
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ok pure ownage, this is a fabulous historic battle. 800 of the De'ils Dozen composed of armstrongs, bells, carletons, Dacres, Elliots, Grahams, johnstone or johnson, kerr or carr, Maxwells, Musgraves, Nixon, Storey, and Scott Reivers defeated a full Scottish invading army of up to 18,000 men, cavalry and artillery, with the loss of 7 dead and 1 wounded. In the process they captured the whole Scottish military leadership, hundreds of prisoners, the whole Scottish artillery and almost all their standards, sending the routed army fleeing back to Scotland after taking even their boots off them “bicause they shuld the more spedely flye homewerts” without the encumbrance of their clothing!
the battle of flodden ownage!!!!!
by ownage January 28, 2005
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