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ok pure ownage, this is a fabulous historic battle. 800 of the De'ils Dozen composed of armstrongs, bells, carletons, Dacres, Elliots, Grahams, johnstone or johnson, kerr or carr, Maxwells, Musgraves, Nixon, Storey, and Scott Reivers defeated a full Scottish invading army of up to 18,000 men, cavalry and artillery, with the loss of 7 dead and 1 wounded. In the process they captured the whole Scottish military leadership, hundreds of prisoners, the whole Scottish artillery and almost all their standards, sending the routed army fleeing back to Scotland after taking even their boots off them “bicause they shuld the more spedely flye homewerts” without the encumbrance of their clothing!
the battle of flodden ownage!!!!!
by ownage January 28, 2005
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