The act of eating out a girl from behind while simultaneously tickling her asshole with your nose.
"dude last night when i was eating out christelle from behind, she was digging the tucan sam i was giving her"
by The Proper Tucan Sam December 23, 2008
The act of encasing ones penis in a fruit roll up, after this you fornicate with a woman friend, upon climax shove your fruity rood in said females mouth for a flavorful suprise.
Hey i heard Red head-ed Emily gets down nasty!
"yeah, just last week i gave her a tucan sam"
by Beans Y. December 2, 2005
The act upon having such hard sex with a girl that they have bruises each color of the rainbow, similar to tucan sam's beak.
Guy 1: Did you hear what happened to Pat's girl?
Guy 2: No what happened?
Guy 1: He went so hard she's covered in bruises....he gave her a tucan sam.
by flashfire111 December 24, 2009
a light weight, someone who cant handle their alcohol. Two cans of beer and their drunk.
Tony: dude what happened to craigg?
Iian: Man you know he's a tucan sam...
Tony: Oh...yeah
Iian & Tony: "haha"
by Loc'erton February 27, 2006
The act of coloring ones penis resembling rainbow with lipstick, then slapping another person on the nose with the colored erect penis. This leaves a rainbow on the persons nose like tucan sam.
when justin doesn't listen to me i have the urge to tucan slap
tucan slam tucansam tucan sam
by all the names i want are taken October 11, 2010