In Dance Dance Revolution, a person who holds onto the bar while playing for most of the song.

A nicer version of "Bar Raper"

verb; Bar-Hugging
Man, Olika is such a bar-hugger, its so lame.
by Zefiryn December 6, 2003
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Term from dance games "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Pump It Up", which means a player who holds on to the back bar the majority of the time while playing a song(s).
That bar hugger managed to pass MaxX Unlimited without falling!
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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A term used to describe DDR groupies, usually of the burly men variety. Their general characteristics are: Burly, and Male.

Some fool told me that it actually meant people who hug the bar,they get to close to it when they are dancing, or something similar, but I explained to him that its EXACTLY what these burly men do. Hug the bar. Urghh.
Although Troy is neither burly, nor male, he is still a bar hugger according to Luke....
by Waltalot August 11, 2004
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