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A rather large, usually canvas, bag aka purse, made especially for men.
Cuz hey, guys need something to carry their shit around in too.
Here, Hanson, put this in your man purse.
by oblivion July 28, 2004

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Racial slur for a german person
All you crouts should have died during the war.
by Oblivion March 15, 2005

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1. Takin a big hit of weed
2. Drinking any alcoholic drink to get drunk
1. One hit left, take it to the dome!
2. Person 1(beer in hand): I think I'm getting trashed tonight!
Person 2: Take it to the dome!
by oblivion August 17, 2003

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The ultimate oxy-moron.
The idea is that you wash yourself with the aforementioned soap to imbibe yourself with a fresh patchouli scent.
But seriously, a hippie, bathing? Ha
by oblivion July 29, 2004

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