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Someone who ignores the scientific evidence of an old Earth, common descent, evolution, history, archaeology, well-known facts about chemistry and physics, etc. to insist that the entire world was created a few thousand years ago merely because it says so in an ancient book written by shepherds.

Typically found visiting websites like "Answers in Genesis", demanding that "warning stickers" be placed in school biology textbooks, and homeschooling their kids to save them from evil men like Richard Dawkins.
1. "Hey, did you see those creatards lining up to buy tickets for Ben Stein's 'Expelled'"?

2. "Mom, Holly's dad told me that the whole world was made in 4,004 BC in less than a week's time. Also, that Noah put all the world's animals on an ark for forty days to save them from the great flood. Later, Moses led 600,000 Israelites across the desert for 40 years and God gave them food by magic!". "What a creatard!!".
by nukleus April 30, 2008

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Similar to (some would say identical to) the permavirgin. An individual doomed to die without experiencing sexual intercourse. This can be caused by numerous factors, such as physical unattractiveness (see fugly and tubby) or emotional unattractiveness, hangups about sex brought on by religion or kooky parenting, poor body image, or lack of game. Usually, a combination of these is the root of the problem. Religious beliefs are sometimes used as an excuse for the person's continued virgin status, but this is merely a cop out, since true fundamentalist freaks get married as soon as possible so that they can have sex without burning in hell.

Telltale signs of the eternavirgin can include a deep interest in space opera or anime, attendance of sci-fi or fantasy-themed conventions, interest in cosplay, computer programming, mathematics, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Second Life, furry fandom, renfair, building model tanks or ships, etc. The eternavirgin often has poor hygiene and flatulence. Diet consists of ramen, jolt cola, and funyuns. Some eternavirgins however, are "nice guys" and may have a normal physical appearance, and may in fact have many female friends (all of whom have no interest in him sexually). Also, some are gay and can't come to terms with this fact. Note that not all of these conditions are mutually exclusive. For example, some eternavirgins are 1). geeky, 2). "nice guys", AND 3). self-hating, self-denying homosexuals. Aspies are also frequently eternavirgins. A few eternavirgins are genuinely asexual.

Note that the above information refers to the male variant of eternavirgin. Female eternavirgins CAN exhibit these traits, but much more often are just frigid and may be indistinguishable from normal (i.e., sex-having) females. Thus, female eternavirgins are much harder to spot. Discomfort when sex is being discussed may be a good way to ferret one out. Also, the subject owning more than two cats can be a sign. Like her male counterpart, the female eternavirgin may be homosexual and unable to accept this.

If an individual has hit age 30 and has never so much as gotten to first base, that person can consider himself a prime possibility for being an eternavirgin!
Kathy: "Oh, Frank's a great guy and I know that one day he'll find someone who thinks he's really special!" Rob: "Yeah, Frank the Eternavirgin? Sure, *chuckle*, as soon as he finds a girl who's into 320-pound, pimply-faced dudes who shower once a week, and who likes to listen to three-hour lectures of the merits of Battlestar Galactica versus Stargate Atlantis".
by nukleus June 09, 2008

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