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"A Jatt is , simply put, a punjabi Farmer." Is absolute bullshit, Jatts are around 50% of the indian army, We are warriors, farmers, and family men.
Damn that jatt is krazy.
by Noor March 01, 2005
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originated in Punjab, brought up the whitest of white towns -- Jackson, New Jersey; one who has incredible amounts of sex appeal. Also known as a female who is very hot.
Woah, check out that girl! she is SUCH a Hinna! I wanna shaadi her!
by noor March 01, 2005
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ummich means your mother in the arabic language, the correct way to say it is "ummik" but it is said in the gulf dialect which makes it "ummich" because those damn camel people keep putting "ch" instead of "k".. weld al ga7ba.. ehem, also, for a male it's ummak, only for a female it's ummich.
rana: you're such a loser.
noor: ummich!
by noor December 14, 2004
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A highly versatile word with both noun and adjective forms. In the noun form, it is a derogatory expression often used between friends, and as an adjective, it is more often used to refer to someone being a poontang.
Dude, Craig, you are such a fucking dbag.
Man, Paul was being real fucking dbagish last night when he pussied out on shot for shot.
by Noor June 30, 2003
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