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a Bulgarian with a brainwash
There is historic evidence,that 55 and more per cent of "macedonians" are Bulgarians.
by noooone August 05, 2006
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Macedonia is a south -western part of Bulgaria ...the official language is Bulgarian ..their prime minister is a Bulgarian ..THEY ARE BULGARIANS ...their history is Bulgarian (facts are not to be ignored )..their culture is BULGARIAN ...they are from bulgarian origin ..Samuil,Gotze Del4ev,Hristo Smirnenski ,Dame Gruev,and so on are Bulgarians.!!!! MACEDONIA today has nothing in common with Alexander Macedonski ...Bulgaria loves "macedonia",but they hate her ...hope they will one day confess the truth about their BULGARIAN national identity ...sorry for the probably bad english
by noooone August 05, 2006
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an oriantalistic,contemptible,people from Asia .. ,terrorizing the Balcans ...the former Ottoman empire is to be blamed for the situation on the Balcans today ,for their underdevelopment..the turkish are famous for their inhuman proimitive attitude to the christians .on the balcans during the rule of the Ottoman empire (nobody can ignore the historic evidence!!!!!! )...On 5 may 1876 they burnt a christian church in Batac (Bulgaria)where mothers with children were seeking shelter,and these mothers and children were stabbed .with inhuman cruelty ,.there are many examples of their cruelty.throughout history ..that even cannot be count ..nowadays turkish pretend to be "europeans" but they are far away .from what is called Europe .their capital is Istanbul that once was called Constantinopole a center of the Bysantium empire .
by noooone August 06, 2006
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1.a citizen of Turkey(an orientalistic,poor,underdevelopped country)2.Let's give some examples throughout history to be understood what did the Turkish to their neighbour countries
1.during the rule of the Ottoman empire they opress christians and behave with them as they were animals ...there was a tax called "teeth tax" -when a turkish came to a christian home .the christians were obliged to give him food and their women or daughters for sex...when a turkish finished his eating he wanted the christians to pay him money because the turkish had rubbed out his teeth .(yes,it sounds funny and sad at the same time ,but this was the reality)...another reality was that turkish took from mothers their babies and in order to punish them (because they didn;t want to accept the islam)they chopped off the babies heads and impale their heads on spikes (sounds very cruel a?)they humiliated christians in every way ...they called the christians slaves "giauri"..this was happening untill 19 century .Vasil Levski(the bulgarian Gandi)called the Apostol of freedom (the greatest bulgarian)was sentenced to death by hanging on 19.02.1873 by the turkish .I should mention abuot the massacre during the APRIL rebellion against the Ottoman empire...so mush blood of innocent people was taken ...but this rebellion became famous over Europe ..many western and eastern countries and persons like Victor Hugo,Fiodor Dostoevski,William Gladston ,Jusepe Garibaldi(the italian revolutioner),Otto von BISMARK and many many others came to the conclusion that such a primitive country as the Ottoman empire have no place in Europe..All I HAVE written is based on historic facts ..it is really interesting if the nowadays turkish know about these facts ...
The turkish came from orienta and will ever stay there .
by noooone August 07, 2006
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Changed history in order to manipulate the people of a country.
Macedonian history is falsified history by a Serbian ,in fact Macedonia is a Bulgarian province.
by noooone August 05, 2006
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