3 definitions by noateneochiklmays

a so called celebrity from the philippines who says money they got lots yet they embezzle

a napoleonic celebrity who says he so flush he gon buy yacths yet if u pull.up to his house the guard makes abundantly clear the house aint his yet he talking loud bout buying yachts! fuck off ogie alcasid, poser!
ogie alcasid is a poser; he dont even own his home yet talks like he can buy a yacht! he is an embezling poser clown Napoleonic midget!
by noateneochiklmays June 14, 2017
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desperate wanna be mail order brides that are Filipina psycho stalking fobs that wear knickoff open toes w their ugly toes dangling from royal dutch shell /telpondo and/or Philippines telecom r cheap looking chimays!
by noateneochiklmays June 14, 2017
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a punk who leaves a little girl fatherless tries to call others deadbeat & sabotage others job cause he is short as fuck!
christopher bautistajr of ateneo tries to call welfare recepients deadbeat; when he got a daughter dont know her he short as fuck & needs a fancy car for everything. dickless deadbeat!
by noateneochiklmays June 14, 2017
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