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The most underated band ever! Known for some of there famous music (ie. Destiny, Infinite)
The band Stratovarius was playing last concert.
by nnguyen11490 September 28, 2003
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1. A male version of a slut.

2. One who plays women for sexual acts or profits.

3. A "man whore".

4. Clueless idiots, thinking they can play woman. While everybody knows that they will probably die at the age of 30 or end up to be a wash up bum. Rumor has that their genital will also be shiveled up and shorten, due to all of the intercourse they've had.

5. PIMP = Pee-In-My-Pants
So you're a pimp dude? Is your dick shrivelled yet?
by nnguyen11490 November 27, 2003
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The best Peepr-to-peer sharing program ever. It is a better use then Kazaa, and here is why.

1. No Spyware/Adware
2. Constant 1000 Participation Level.
3. Faster download time.
4. Constantly search for more sources to download the file quicker.
kazaa lite > j00 > Kazaa!
by nnguyen11490 October 15, 2003
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A Japanese anime that is now showing on Adult Swim. It's about a girl nae Kagome, that travels back to the past era and meets up with a demon dog boy name Inuyasha.
InuyYasha is the best damn anime ever! Period.
by nnguyen11490 October 12, 2003
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Japanese Pop. Usually a mix between the gerne of Rock, Pop and Techno. It is found to be MUCH better then the American pop. Music and lyrics is mostlty very good, though I gotta admit, some singers suck.
by nnguyen11490 October 18, 2003
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A hot Korean Pop star that has many talents. Known to be the Asian version of Britney Spear, but not as slutty and way better. She sings in Korean, japanese and as well as American pop.
BoA rocks! Probably the hottest Korean chick you'll ever seen in your life!
by nnguyen11490 November 26, 2003
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