6 definitions by nikita

damn, as in when u hit ur thumb with a hammer or ur pissed off
maldito lo que mi importa
i dont give a damn
by nikita April 12, 2004
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Any organization that would most likely kick the crips sorry asses.
"We shot several crips last week."----Courtesy of, Nikita,Rag,Iceman,Rock,Mr.Black,High yellow, and the rest of the bloods
by nikita May 22, 2003
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A crack head. paranoid. Constantly getting up to look out the window to make sure the cops arent coming. Nosey person, wanting to know whats going on all the damn time. Frequently seen at ghetto apartment complexes, cheap hotels, projects and pych wards.
Dude, this bitch was curtain climbing everytime the wind blew.
by nikita December 6, 2004
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"They're racing at dega next week"
by nikita May 12, 2004
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Pursuing a certain avenue when faced with two choices.
She could have stayed with his sorry ass, but instead she took the blue pill.
by nikita September 22, 2003
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The car that starts first in a nascar (or other) race.
"And car nr 21 has pole and nr 5 is starting second"
by nikita May 12, 2004
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