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This term can be used for stating where you are going for any amount of time. This term refers to the occupy movement.
Girl-I have to go pee!
Girl2-Let's go occupy the bathroom!

Guy-Dude! It's the weekend! Let's get wasted!
Guy2-Yeah man! Let's go occupy the bar!
by newyorkkk November 07, 2011

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The large fatty overhang of the lower belly that protects, covers and shades the genital area.
Check out that crotch awning on that man! It's so big it hangs to his knees!
by newyorkkk June 07, 2011

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A very large double chin. Almost making the person look like a pelican with the huge scoop throat.
Check out her double chin! It looks like a throat fannypack!
by newyorkkk April 10, 2011

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A defeating sadness participants receive when it is discovered there is no more condoms left right before engaging in intercrourse. Symptoms include frustration, angst, unfufillment, and most notably blue balls.
Brett- Did you hook up with that random from the bar last night?

Steve- No man! I ran out of condoms and got rubber sadness. I couldn't risk it, so instead I had her give me a blow job.

Brett- That's the way to go. Rubber sadness is the worst!
by newyorkkk February 20, 2014

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