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1)A word used to describe young boys who reside in Westport, CT and recieve brownies for their birthday

2) A word used to describe a white man whose lips have nigger-like traits.
Willis: Yo, Tron check out the lips on that nigga!

Tron: What you talking about Willis? Thats a sameerian!
by Nee March 24, 2004
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1)A derogitory term used for one who is addicted to black pornography.
2)A term used to describe one who is infatuated with the act of injesting pubic hairs.
-"Jesus H Christ...thats a lot of black're a fuckin Sameerian!"
-"Hey lay off! I deleted it...but it just kept coming back!"
-"This chicken tastes funny"
-"Oh, sorry...I thought you were a Sameerian!"
by Mo March 23, 2004
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