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mostly is connected to when somebody is drunk and high at once and your surrounding starts to spin. People will often vomit and to them can seem like slow motion vomiting.
tips to help this...

-stand up
-if your in bathroom open window and get fresh air
-drink some cold water

ive been here its not fun but it WILL eventually end.
man i caught the spins that night.
by natetherebel December 08, 2007

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A ship based off the Titanic that sunk by a german torpedo in world war one era.
the lusitania sunk within 20 minutes
by natetherebel December 09, 2007

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A form of art that expresses an indevidual (writer).People commonly mistake all graffiti to be associated to gangs while around only 10% is by them. The artists are known as taggers, writers and they come up with monikers or names that describe themselves or just sound cool and they develope there own style into there art. Thats how taggers eventually become "kings" by having the freshest, unique style. This is not the only graffiti however. The common sayings on bathroom stalls and other places is also considered graffiti.For example "I was here" or certain poitical sayings or even cartoon characters scribed in.
That writers up around the whoe city. Hes a graffiti king
by natetherebel December 08, 2007

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is a word used in the song "Hotel California". Its a Spanish word for "Little Tails" and that is in refernce to the buds of marijuana plant.
"...warm smell of colitas rising up through the air..."
by natetherebel December 08, 2007

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