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To hang out in a gang together, to be part of a group or click. To be a member or best friend and spend a lot of time together hanging out. Spending a lot of time together.
A person may say to a friend about another friend, "We bang wood, she is part of our crew."

I say to my friend Amy, that I band wood with Jillian.
"We band wood." "She is always with me."
by ms. w January 08, 2006
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It is a type of dance, with extremely fast and complicated moves that seem to have no pattern or repition and it is supposed to make you laugh and make you say, "wow". Usually, you are standing around in a group and only one person crumps at a time while everyone watches and laughs.
Check out Jay over there crumping. Do you know how to crump? I can't move that fast. He is so friggin funny.
by ms. w January 07, 2006
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