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The most terrible situation you could find yourself in. Derived from the words misconception, kerfuffle and confusion.
When mum caught me ripping a bong I was in a right miskonfuffle!
by mrpain November 26, 2008
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One who specialises in the art of sex
Guy 1: "Man why doesn't my girlfriend want to do it?"
Guy 2: "Don't ask me, I'm no Sexpert"
by mrpain September 4, 2008
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A woman who is a slut and a slapper.
Man I'm so sick of Anna, she' such a slupper!
by mrpain September 20, 2008
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A series of somewhat pointless events or games carried out by a group of mates after a big night out drinking.
Me and the boys got real smashed last night and held our own paralympics in the carpark. I won the 50m car hurdles.
by mrpain September 22, 2008
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Termonology widely used by the skateboarding community. Means "Proper Respect"
One may perform seemingly dangerous or pointless tasks in order to gain ones Props or recieve it for doing something of great significance
1. Hey man reckon I should drink this gallon of monkey jizz "just for Props"
2. Mad Props for making that blader fall on his face
by mrpain July 23, 2008
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Most commonly used in reference to doing one a favour. Otherwise used to refer to a massive turd that David takes in your toilet and films on his phone.
1. Hey man you wanna do me a solid
2. David I'm sick of you doing a solid in my upstairs toilet!
by mrpain July 24, 2008
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A word that can be used in most contexts, when used to reply to a statement or question, that usually means the person using it is not actually listening.
1. Person 1: <tells a 20 minute story that is majorly uninteresting>
Person 2: "True"
by mrpain September 4, 2008
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