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A homosexual, fat round nerd. downloads gay porn on the computer all day then at night trawls around for poofters outside bars/nightclubs.
usually goes on cblan.net and acts smart when hes really dumb smelly a cock lover. Also believes that he has an internet connection but in reality its just a coupple of tin cans.
guy1> holy shit did u see that guy outside the bar?
chick1> whats he doing with those tin cans and gay porn mags?
guy1> im pretty sure its painman.
by MRFAT March 05, 2005
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a very sexy fat guy, who also has an equally sexy shadow
omfg did u see that guy raz is so sexy but not as sexy as fat shadow
by MRFAT December 09, 2004
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The name of a player of the horde faction in the popular MMO World Of Warcraft. The name is actually a conjunction of the term "fat shadow's rogue".
Fatsrogue currently operates is activity's on the Frostwolf server.
person one: omfg that rogue ganked me...
person two:whos rogue?
person one: fatsrogue!
by mrfat May 29, 2008
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some bohemian chick who wont accept peoples love.
person1>hi shaadi i love u
shaadi> no u dont
by MRFAT March 11, 2005
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the best comeback when some1 calles u a name.
guy1> omg u fucking fagget
guy2> U R
guy1> gaping.
by MRFAT March 05, 2005
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