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Joking euphemism for having been sexually groped without one's consent.

Based on the name of a prominent, once-thought-to-be heterosexual (???), Republican spokesperson and organizer who allegedly groped his chauffeur repeatedly and persistently—without consent. The driver claimed the experience traumatized him and complained about it to anyone who would listen, including the Press.
(Straight guy, realizing he's just been pinched on the ass by another man) "Egads! I've just been Schlapped!"
by mrburlesk March 10, 2023
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A cover term is a word (or phrase) that provides a more general, legal, or accurate overarching term for a set of dissimilar terms that share a common property. Synonym: category.

"Cover term" may sound like "comfort term" when enunciated poorly or quickly, which might suggest the cover term is being used to make the original word (or phrase) more palatable or less anxiety producing to the audience. While this may occur, it is never the primary objective of using a cover term.
"Shelter" is the cover term for rent, mortgage payments, housing, and so forth.
by mrburlesk November 11, 2022
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A term coined on Twitter by @Archie21012 referring to the corruption of the Trump regime, in particular Price's and Pruitt's travel expenses and Trump's own cashing in at his own properties and billing the government for outrageous expenses.
This type of grifting, it's called "open slather."
by mrburlesk September 29, 2017
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No place to go to the bathroom.
After losing his job and finding he was no longer able to pay rent, Fred was faced with the incommodious prospect of taking up residence in the street.
by mrburlesk July 26, 2014
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