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Pubic stubble / hair in the frontal genital area that is only just growing back.
I made katy sore last night with my pubble.
by monk tha hola the wonk November 07, 2009

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When playing a first person shooter, you try to look around the corner or around a door or even over the edge of a building by moving your body instead of the controller.
Player 1: What are you doing you noob.

Player 2: Trying to see that dude over there.

Player 1: You have got First Person Syndrome mate, you need to get out more.
by monk tha hola the wonk January 26, 2010

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To cut/pick your toe nails on the couch, then leaving them in a pile on the coffee table for your partner to find in the morning.
Pat: Bill

Bill: Yes

Pat: Bill get down here NOW

Bill: Whats the matter

Pat: You have left a fucking nail nest on the coffee table you dirty bastard.

Bill: Ha Ha Ha Ha
by Monk tha hola the wonk November 06, 2009

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The term used when there are five Friday's & Saturday's in one month to go out drinking. Months i.e in 2010 are January, July and October.
Jack (1st text on February 8th) - Where the hell did you get to at the weekend, we all had a wicked time :-)

Tom (1st text) - Sorry mate had no money, last month was an Expensive month. :-(

Jack (2nd text) - We all had way too much to drink, and I slept with your x :-O{

Tom (No 2nd text)
by monk tha hola the wonk February 20, 2010

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In the act of sexual intercourse, with one of the participants thrusting too hard He/She will let off an amazing amount of gas and in some cases following through (see drawing mud) this always results in the other members in the room trying to escape the stench and one member having no other option than to take a shower.
Debbie (while Ben is in the shower) :- I didn't know Ben was circumcised.

Kate:- Yes, he also likes riding on trains alot.

Debbie:- that was a Sexual Holocaust moment.

Kate:- Yes it will go down in history!
by monk tha hola the wonk May 07, 2010

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