31 definition by monique

One of the sexiest (actually, THE sexiest) guys to walk the planet. Frontman of the Californian band Green Day, which happen to be the best band ever. Also has a sexy voice.

(Ooh, and American Idiot and Dookie are 2 of the best albums ever!)
Billie: Hi, I'm Billie Joe.
Me: *Orgasmic, wild screams*
by Monique April 01, 2005

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Adj. relating to a governor, esp. of one of the 50 United States.
The California Gubernatorial Recall Election is getting CRAZY out of hand.

by Monique September 19, 2003

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Colored lips that last all day
Tina has lipsticky lips today.
by Monique October 19, 2004

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A total funny mofo who is the drummer for Green Day. Like A Rat Does Cheese is a totally funny song. Dominated Love Slave is funny. DUI is my new fave song of his... And I have a "Who The Fuck Is Tre Cool?" cursor... just thought I would share that :p
"Suck my dick til your lips fall off, don't make ma ask again, pleeeeeeeeeease!" (Like A Rat Does Cheese)
"I wanna be your dominated love slave... I wanna be the one who takes the pain..." (Dominated Love Slave)
"Lets get drunk and go out driving..." (DUI)
by Monique April 04, 2005

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1. A master of the art of performing a rusty trombone.

2. The mighty chief of the kikoomaki tribe of monkies.

3. A species of ape that has the ability to speak woman and other languages foreign to man.
I once knew a mcgullion who could scale the empire state buiding in five seconds.
by Monique October 13, 2003

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ho and bitch combined into one neat word
Lots of my friends are hozatches. ;)
by Monique November 19, 2002

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1. Totally kickass awesome.
2. Really cool
3. The shiznit
That movie was so superhellawickedcool!
by Monique March 26, 2005

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