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Usually meaning females name known 2 be amazing and cool, although sometimes has lizard features
Lidias ginger and eats lizards
by moi June 21, 2004
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a prep school boy who wears clothes that noone else could ever manage to pull off, but still look great, can be a little up themselves and according to sources they like state school girls, just like me
ampleforth college boy
by moi May 13, 2004
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a singer who has one of the hottest boyfriends, Andy Roddick
hmmmm daiiimn Mandy, i wish i had your man.
by moi November 12, 2003
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Has nothing to do with the amazing sport of hockey (well, it is called hockey, played with sticks, has the same goal and more or less the same positions) but it isn't as cool as real hockey.

It's a very preppy sport, and yet at the same time, widely recognized as a lesbian sport.

I don't play it, but I know some people who do. Only 1 out of the 10 people I know playing it are lesbians...still that's higher then most sports...
Greg- 'Look, it's a lesbian,'

Nancy- 'Yes, she's the Field Hockey team,'
by Moi May 31, 2004
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Krispy is a synonym for bad. It means something is either distasteful, or unlikeable.
That movie was just plain, krispy.
by Moi January 19, 2005
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