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One whom takes pride in or makes thier life revolve around CEREAL. Breakfast of champions! Nothing starts your day off right better than a bowl of peanut butter captain crunch.
I wake up and start my cereal killer routine( watch reruns of adult swim or transformers most the day eating cereal).
by mjReal December 24, 2006
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The misconception of democratic parties history.
Some fool has a misconcration of the republicans and thinks they are the axis of evil but doesnt know the democrats are the ones that supported slavery long ago. the republicans were the yankees that supported freedom...
by mjReal January 24, 2007
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King's english: I dont know.
A word used when 1 is stumped or "clueless" after being confronted with an intense situation so must use a word to stump others involved for time to respond with a proper answer to the question. Excessively used in the film " Mary Poppins" to give children something to think about when wasting thier time.
F: That was horrible. Cant belive you had other GF's.
M: uh..supercalifragulousexpialydosous..
F: huh?
M: exactly!
by mjReal November 19, 2006
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Slang noun: A mental state that video or MMORP game players enter that has them play a game for several hours ignoring all other responsibilties except food, work( if applicable), or bodily functions.
"Where is Dave?" "He's at home in the G-hole."
" You comin' out tonite?" " Nah. Im in the G-hole tonite."
by mjReal November 16, 2006
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