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An alcoholic drink based off sangria or wine, originally coined by comedian/podcast&radio personality Adam Carolla when he returned to the kitchen to top off his glass of red wine. When he realized he was all out, he ingeniously decided to fortify what was left in his glass with vodka. Realizing no significant change in the taste of the red wine, albeit with a stronger kick, MANgria was born.

The male's alternative to sangria. Fortified wine.
Looking to drink red wine, but want to get buzzed quicker? Try a mangria! Add a little hard liquor to the top!

'Hey John, would you like some sangria that my wife brewed for us?' 'What do I look like, a pussy? Some mangria, if you please.'

Mangria, red wine with a boost.
by mikealope September 18, 2010

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An alternative name for beer. Could also be used for any type of alcoholic beverage, however is most effectively used to describe a pint/glass/can/bottle of beer.

Most often used as a noun (ex. grab a couple belts, have a belt)
John, I had a tough day at work today, and really want to tie one on. Let's go grab a few belts at the bar on the way home.

After a few belts, Steve was feeling pretty loose and more willing to open up to the hot chick at the end of the bar.

I could really use a belt right now.
by mikealope September 18, 2010

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Stands for "vaginal obligation." The excuse men use when they're being pussy whipped into doing something. Vaginal Obligation is the reason you watch The Notebook with your wife with a bottle of white wine in the hopes of a BJ later that night.
"Steve, did you just say you saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway last week? What are you, a queer?"

"Nope. It was a VO."

"I got VO'ed into seeing "The Backup Plan" by my girlfriend last week. I'm such a pushover.
by mikealope September 23, 2010

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