12 definition by miggelzworth

When you take a hot shit and even though it's your own work it makes you want to choke.
Man, I had a Newborn Hatian this morning. It stunk so bad I almost threw up!
by miggelzworth October 15, 2010

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When a white person lives in a black neighborhood. Usually he/she is the only white person on the block.
Damn when that zoo keeper gonna leave already? Don't he know he's the only white person in this hood?
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010

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When you have to take a shit so bad that the tip of the terd slowly makes it's way out of your anus and quickly goes back inside. (The same way a dog's penis moves when it becomes erect).
Damn yo, I hada take a shit so bad I had a bad case of dog dick.
by miggelzworth October 21, 2010

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A fat girl that dresses like a slut; wears clothes 2 sizes too small and has her unmentionables showing.
I got so drunk last night I picked up a Snog. She almost broke the bed.
by miggelzworth October 05, 2010

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A term used to call in sick from work.
I just wasn't in the mood for people's bullshit today so I pulled a cough and call.
by miggelzworth October 26, 2010

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