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Working in a hot environment the anal area may tend to sweat a little. The condition of chefs arse is caused by the rubbing of the sweaty cheeks and causing nappy rash like sores.
Elliot "Dude this kitchen is hot"

Sylvester "Yeah, I know my anus is sweating big time"

Elliot "Take care you don't get Chefs Arse!"

Sylvester "I will throw some cornflower in it to absorb the moisture"

Elliot "Good call Sylvester, good call"
by miaomatt November 14, 2009
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The act of a gynaecologist sneezing upon the vagina of his patient.
Mr Pippin "Hello darling, how was you cervical smear test?"

Mrs Pippin "Luckily my front bum is in good working order, but I was subject to a strange experience"

Mr Pippin "What was that my dear?"

Mrs Pippin "My vaginal doctor sneezed upon my sensitive parts"

Mr Pippin "Ah Ha! a Gynosplurge"
by miaomatt November 14, 2009
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A piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the penis, the main purpose it to keep it warm and prevent it from shrivelling due to the cold
Stephen "Hey it's so cold my willy has shrunk to the size of an acorn"

Albert "Dude you should use a cock scarf, it will keep your dinkle warm and keep it a normal size"

Stephen "That sounds like a great idea"
by miaomatt November 14, 2009
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