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Mccurdian is a person that is a fan of Jennette McCurdy. She's best known for her role on a Nick show iCarly. She also is a country singer. Though many other terms exist that refer to her fans, 'mccurdian' is a widely accepted term and is used by several different magazines and blogs.
My niece is a mccurdian.
by mh72212 September 14, 2011
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A "McCurdian" is someone who idolizes a 20 year old woman named, "Jennette McCurdy".
She is most known for her role as "Sam Puckett" on the best Nickelodeon hit show sitcom "iCarly".
McCurdian will fangirl over her.
McCurdians are amazing people to talk to.
Drama is very rare in the McCurdian Fanbase.
McCurdian was made out of Jennette's last name "McCurdy" and added "ian" on the end!
Person 1: I love Jennette McCurdy!
Person 2: You're a McCurdian?
Person 1: Yes! Of course!
by Azaria Cullaquen February 26, 2013
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