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The V shaped muscle line seen on the pelvis of a really fit guy when he wears his pants low. The lines of the V "slice" right down to the hidden cock, forcing you to imagine it in vivid detail.
When that guy took off his shirt, his cock slice captivated me to the point where all I could do was stare and think about what his package would look like.
by merknock April 02, 2010

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The virus of Political Correctness that has been around for many years, yet only recently has mutated into the agonizing, annoying beast it is today. It has the potential to be pandemic. Symptoms include: hypersensitivity to jokes, uncontrollable eye seeping, and hypertension.
I called my vegetarian little sister a soyfucker the other day, damn, the way her eyes welled up you would have thought she had P1C1!
by merknock October 16, 2009

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A euphanism for one who is an extremely clumsy person or who is naturally hazardous to the health and wellbeing of themselves and anyone within arms reach, while executing even the most mundane tasks.
Girl says after stepping on her own foot and stabbing guy in the chest with a wine opener: "I'm such a klutz"
Guy: "Oh no my dear, your just overcoordinated."
by merknock May 11, 2009

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