A collection of images or objects designed to represent a certain type of thing or person. Often used by interior designers to come up with an effect they want the decorations in a room to have. Can be a digital assemblage of photos and color, or a physical assemblage of objects. Physical moodboards are often arranged on a desk.
Yesterday, I made a digital moodboard that represented Ravenclaw house from Harry Potter, with a collection of blue and bronze images of books and eagles.
by diagonalleywitch January 30, 2019
A collection of images, usually published to websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and WeHeartIt that are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

They typically have some kind of theme, such as a color scheme, or a story to go along with the images.
The photos in moodboards usually don’t belong to the person who created it.
by mehemily September 5, 2019