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Bing is a search engine created by Microsoft, why it is not as good as the search engine Google is because Bing stands for: Because Its Not Google
Man 1: Don't use Bing.
Man 2: Why ever not good sir?
Man 1: Because Its Not Google.
Man 2:...
by MEGAZOR August 12, 2009

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When something bad happens.
- Bummer! There's a hole in the boat
- Bummer! There's a bomb in the bus
- Bummer! There's an old person in the car
- Bummer! There's a dead guy in the airplane
- Bummer! There's a blind guy driving the mini-van
- Bummer! There's a hippy in the Anti-Earth hour national meeting
- Bummer! There's a Jew above Hitlers grave
- Bummer! There's a hippy on the road infront of the double decker bus
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010

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The obsession of Justin Bieber, only cure is a silver bullet to the head.
John: "Hmmm... I think he's a great singer"
'Sam passes John a gun and and five silver bullets'
Sally: "Oh, God! What happened?!"
Sam: "John had Bieber Fever!"
'Sally picks up the gun and places it to her head'
by MEGAZOR April 29, 2010

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Urban Dictionary's most common typo when typing the website into a web browser.
Mum: "Timmy! where leaving!"
Timmy: "Just a tad, I need to know what that kid called me yesterday!"
Mum: "Hurry Up!"
Timmy: "Whoops! Urban, not Yrban Dictionary"
by MEGAZOR January 16, 2010

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A sensible dictionary which has taken many years to construct. Written by posh English gentlemen in London England.
John: "What the F*** is that crap!
Thomas: "It's The Oxford Dictionary"
John: "Looks like a pile of educational shit!"
Thomas: "It's much better than that half burnt Urban Dictionary in your hand"
John: "Don't dis words of the web!"
by MEGAZOR January 04, 2010

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An Apple webcam yet to be created. In the future this will also be the default eye for our robot slaves.
Harry: "Hey man have you seen the new iI?"
Aron: "Man I've got one for my robo-doggy!"
Harry: "Wow! I need one for my blow-up doll!"
Aron: ---
Harry: "Awkward..."
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010

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Deunk, meaning Dead Drunk. When someone is so smashed that they can no longer walk and think that their singing is 'nice' they are deunk (dead-drunk)
Pronuced: Dunk

"Last night Tim was deunk"
"WOW! I'm not drunk, I'm deunk"

Man 1: "Last night I became drunk!"
Man 2: "I was smashed!"
Man 3: "I became deunk!"
Man 1: "ewww..."
by MEGAZOR August 13, 2009

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