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Like the term "donkey", it refers to a bad poker player. The zonkey, however, makes especially flashy poker moves or uses language to indicate they "know" the game when it is just a matter of time until they "zonk" away all their money with their poor play.

The term is based on the animal called a "zonkey", which is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.
That zonkey was just saying how bad everyone was playing, then pushed all in when he was drawing dead. What a zonk!
by dimossi October 22, 2009
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When a zombie virus infects a monkey it dies and becomes a Zonkey! Then this living-dead zonkey infects the rest of the monkey population, resulting in the apocolyptic end to the world as we know it. The only way to kill a zonkey is to shoot it in the head, decapitate it with a big rusty shovel, or run it over with a big tank or something.
P1: Holy SHIT! There's Zonkies all over the fucking place out there!!!
P2: A zebra monkey hybrid?
P1: No you idiot, that's impossible-it's a zombie monkey!
P2: Oh shit, that God Damn Zonkey just bit me in the crotch!
by xonkey101 April 27, 2007
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A zonkey is a donkey you will find in Tijuana that has been spray painted white and black by his mexican captors. Idiot tourists pay five bucks a pop to get a photo with the zonkey.
My friend Ricky thought that zebras lived in mexico, but when he saw Jaun spray painting a mule, Ricky realized the zebra was just a sad looking zonkey waiting for a gringo to pet him.
by FritoBandito October 11, 2007
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1. the illegimate lovechild from the relationship between a zebra and a donkey.

2. the name given to any animal when one doesn't know its actual name.
That's a big ass dog or a small ass horse, must be a zonkey!

Guy 1: "This is my first time at the zoo, what's that animal right there?"

Guy 2: "Yo, that's a zonkey, man."

Guy 1: "Damn, gotta get out the hood more."
by ductape April 26, 2006
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