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the act of megachilling first requires one having an extra large cup labeled "mega chill", which can be found at select supermarkets and gas stations. One must then fill this cup with any assortment of strong liquors and/or fruity alcoholic mixtures that the individual in question desires, after which, one may casually pass the day in intervals of drinking and relaxation poolside. If possible, the megachill cup must be used in the water as the individual in question floats on an inter-tube or in any relaxed, floating, semi-conscious state. The goal of this exercise is give purpose to day drinking in a semi-alcoholic fashion, thereby relieved the participate of any worry or guilt in their indulgence of liquor before noon. Megachilling is also known to be an excellent cure for hangovers.
I was going to go to work today, but Lucy, Susan, Beth and I decided to spend our day megachilling so that we could drink with the purpose of getting tan.
by megachiller July 15, 2010
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A small brown Chihuahua that gets treated like a human being although it is obviously just a small, albeit adorable, dog.

Easy ways to spot a Java:
1. has it's own social networking page.
2. dressed in some sort of girly matching dog costume meant to mimic the way a human being would dress.
3. entrance into a room is shortly followed by "ooooh" and "awwww".
4. spotted being carried in a purse or satchel
JJ: Wow although patty is a great dog, I wish I had a dog like Java!
by megachiller October 03, 2010
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A trend that is inherently nerdy. A nerd-trend occurs when a lead nerd decides on a new nerd activity to partake in such as online chess or scrabble. Once the activity is celebrated by the lead nerd and fellow lead nerds, sheep nerds with invariably begin to participate, leading to a nerd-rush of activity, and an eventual nerd-movement toward the next activity the lead nerd decides upon.

nerd-trends have become even more mainstream as a result of the internet and online games. Facebook applications are also at fault for many nerd-trends that have resulted in the last 5 or so years.
Marianna: Jonathan, I found this great Facebook app for online scrabble!
Jonathan: Oh goody, let's have a scrabble marathon. Best out of 7 wins!
Marianna: actually, lets look up chuck Norris jokes!

Jonathan: No way Marianna, chuck Norris jokes are an old nerd-trend.
by megachiller October 11, 2010
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