40 definition by meadow soprano

An orgasm that has not been released for a long time.
I've climaxed a few times with you, but they were little- this one was huge! It was a storegasm!
by Meadow Soprano March 17, 2011

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Having dessert for dinner.
I had ice cream and brownies tonight instead of a regular dinner- it was dinnert!
by Meadow Soprano May 02, 2013

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someone who has gone through puberty
John wanted to act like a little kid, but his parents expected more from him, since he had already been pubertized.
by Meadow Soprano July 30, 2013

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When someone starts dressing like a total dork, after years of doing the opposite.
Have you seen John Mayer lately? The guy totally dorkified himself! He used to dress cool, but now he looks like a total dork!
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2014

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someone who uses technology to stalk people.....i.e. stealing passwords to read email, lurking
Even though they had broken up, the technostalker still spied on her, by reading her email...and she was clueless.
by Meadow Soprano September 25, 2005

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