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almost 50% or more of the time is a word related to Facebook.

it's definitely not random because they pick definitions that match certain times of the year or holidays and also had geek, nerd, and dork; back to back days.

usually when it doesn't have anything to do with Facebook it's a pretty decent word or phrase, but sometimes it's almost as if they pick some of the words just to shame the person who created it since they get so many thumbs down and is the most god awful attempt at humor ever.
Today's Word of the Day is "Facegrace" meaning a disgrace to Facebook: 6925 up, 42 down

This Week's Words: "Snowbooking" "Habitual Poker" "Wall Troll" "Facespace" "Spacebook"
by Matt Huff February 02, 2011
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to date or have sex with 3 or more underage persons in a row.
billybobdave had a 3 some with 2 jb's last night and his 8th grade gf doesn't even know, and I heard he's still banging that freshman with playboy titties... He is on a jailbait frenzy !!!!
by Matt Huff July 12, 2010
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When you set your clock forward one hour at 3:20 so you can have an excuse to smoke the last of your pot and then an hour later you can tell someone else it's 4:20 and you have none "you'll hit them back next time". :]
"Hey man you said you only had a blunt of that left but now you're telling me you got high all day long yesterday.. what the funk!?!?" -steve

"Hey man yesterday was Weedlight Saving Time.. get off a hobos back, ya heard." -other steve
by Matt Huff April 17, 2008
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Similar to the game show 'Cash Cab' but in Hash Cab the contestants are all required to get extremely baked before answering the trivia questions.

The winner of the game gets weed or hash as a prize instead of money.

This especially works best after hotboxing.
Joe: "hey if you want we can all head back to my crib for some grub, maybe we'll play some Hash Cab along the way."

Jill: "ohhhh fuck yes, i'm definately high enough for your bullshit trivia Joe"
by Matt Huff August 25, 2009
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Ancestors who are incest.

When someone's bloodline is all incest and relatives only reproduce with other relatives they may be refered to as incestors.
Queen Victoria is not very fond of her incestors or her son and daughter's incestry
by Matt Huff October 27, 2009
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wannabe gigolo.

Similar to wigga or wigger which is "white-nigg(a)(er)" or a little more recently defined as "wannabe-nigg(a)(er)" after a select few black people started turning white but pretending they are still black such as Soulja Boy.
Stop trying to hit on all the soccer moms you fake ass wigolo they aren't going to give you any sex or money, try going back to hooking up with your own grandma.
by Matt Huff June 26, 2010
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Shit of a Lifetime.

Most people's S.O.A.L.'s occur after Super Bowl Sunday and sometimes Thanksgiving.
I had trouble flushing my S.O.A.L. down the toilet.
by Matt Huff February 08, 2010
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