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1. One who is genuine and real in all aspects of life.
2. A mover and a thinker; a person who does not buy into trends to improve self-image.
3. A generous and giving individual.
1. You can try all you want, but you ain't no javad - you're a phoney.
by master August 24, 2004
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Dark blue.

The Hindu creator's skin color. The creator has given the maximum of blue to the nature i.e. the sky, the oceans, the rivers etc.

The color symbolizes bravery, manliness, determination, ability to deal with difficult situations, depth of character.
Ye sara jaha hai kitna suneela (sunil)

English transl--
This world is so sunil (blue)
by master January 11, 2005
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When several guys ejaculate into a bowl and mix it up. The semen mixture is poured into the vagina.

When the baby is born, a test is taken to see who is the father. Whoever is the father fins.
Mystery Bukkake rules
by Master June 25, 2004
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1) A mischevious creature that feeds off aquatic life.

2) A small helpless moster that lives in marine and other moist environments.
Damn my ass won't stop itching, I think I'm getting the-ron.
by master July 06, 2004
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extremely great...sorta like gnarly but way better then that.
damn, did u see her ass that bitch is gnar gnar!
by master August 09, 2003
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homosexual from albania, tries hard to get man girls, tried stealing other pupils shemales unsuccessfully, perves on other guys and has sex with family members
dont disturb isat, he's in the room, with his sister
by master October 26, 2003
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Widely used by l337 peoples ^_^...mostly, mostly...
Omg thats so le teh pwn.
by Master May 06, 2004
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