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A cross between a fuckup and a retard. Usually someone in cyberspace that dosen't have a real clue about anything.
That fuctard dosen't know what he's talking about! He wouldn't know the difference between a CPU and an IUD!
by Moribund Infantia August 07, 2003
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This is an expansion on the commonly used term retard. more exclusively a shorter version of the excellent remark of F+++IN RETARD. This can be used in a wide variety of situations and is just down right hilarious.
person #1: "Hey so have you talked to soandso today?

you: "God, I hope not! last time I called him that FUCTARD talked forever and wouldnt let me off the phone!"

OR ... Man, stop acting like such a FUCTARD.
by -HatersMadeMeFamous- February 25, 2010
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The waste of carbon and oxygen that refers to itself as United Spammers on UD.
Why the hell do we still have to put up with this little fuctard? Can't someone get it's IP address and block it from here permanently?
by markishmark September 25, 2008
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Someone who is just being retarded for no apparent reason.


When someone does something really stupid and you can't find a word to describe it.
So I was watching when Joe walked into a door, while looking at that chick from accounting. What a fuctard.
by Wattz September 20, 2009
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Person that uses a chat room to be exactly what they can never be in real life.
A fat,junkie, alcoholic car salesman that fancies himself a sugar daddy.
An emasculated male that has his life dictated by his domineering mate.
by Sonny IV Burnett August 11, 2003
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