5 definitions by maniacmixklutz

Bill: Hows it going with that girl you went out with?
Timmy: Great, we had phonetercourse the other night.
by maniacmixklutz February 12, 2009
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To sperm around a girls hair, in a "halo" like circle around the edges of the top of the head.
Similar to Supermaning a hoe, only Haloing a hoe is a slightly different maneuver.
Dude i was with this freak girl last night, I got to halo that hoe!
by maniacmixklutz May 14, 2009
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Fuck my typing skills. Generally used after a typo
Did u see tit?
by maniacmixklutz April 08, 2009
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An ugly girl (dragon) who is so utterly unattractive that she is actually "unslayable"
Dude I was trying to just get laid last night but the only girl who wasnt already with a guy was an Immortal Dragon
by maniacmixklutz April 30, 2011
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