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Those certain females who have such a nice pair of tits on them that, regardless of what she is wearing, it will cause an onlooking male to develop an instant erection.
Oops, I need to excuse myself for a few minutes because that cheerleader has an outstanding erector set on her.
by malarrya May 11, 2009
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Douche Bag Index - Similar to the smog or pollen index, it's the ratio of douche bags at a particular location to the total number of people times 100.

For example, if there are 75 people in a room but 15 of them wear flatbilled hats, drive lifted F-150s, visit Glamis often, or are Boston Red Sox fans then the DBI in the room would be 20, (15/75) * 100.

*** Acronym coined by Mike K.
Douch Bags range in forms of FlatBiller, MMA TapouT posers, Fuck Stick, Glamis Bro, Bro Ho, Guido, or any other wannabe badass poser.

This place sucks! With the UFC fight on tonight the DBI is over 60 in here.
by malarrya May 07, 2009
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A prototypical "look at me don't you think I am cool" dipshit with a shaved head, Oakley sunglasses, backwards black baseball cap, goatee, Hurley or Fox clothes who drives an obnoxiously lifted F-150 with an oversized No Fear or Fox sticker on the back window. Typically, these losers work in construction or some sort of manual labor job because they are too stupid to attend college. These tards are attention hogs who pull out every poser stop to get it by reminding everyone all the time how great they are, and constantly out-buying friends and neighbors for the best dirt bike, quad or toy hauler. They spend countless weekends drunk at the “river” or in the “sands” but when it comes to real sports these fat bellied dolts can’t even hit a ball out of the infield. They can be seen sporting one or more tattoos written in old English script while ethnic versions of these idiots sport an iron cross logo completely clueless to the original meaning. They will generally refer to you as bro and or boss and treat everyone as if trying to sell them a used car.
There goes Mr. FOX Racing. That fuckstick is doing 60 down a residental street in his lame-ass F-150 blasting rap music.
by malarrya March 17, 2008
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