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To Futcher someone is to completely and utterly DESTROY them... this is often associated with stealing someone's partner. It actually transcends even this. To be Futchered is the be brought down to such a level where you don't even have the self-motivation to kill yourself... There is only ever one single record of a man being Futchered. And it is kept in a top secret File cabinet at the centre of a top secret Military base. the victims family were placed under the Futcher protection act 1992.
Passing stranger: Holy shit! dude, are you ok?

Dude: ...I...Cant.... I........ Can you pull this trigger please??

Passing stranger: Oh no... you've been... FUTCHERED!!
by Makokasyx April 23, 2009

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A Joshuaha is that one person you know who can pull off the name "Joshua" but after adding the HA at the end, you make him one funny fucker. Joshuaha is that funny guy that always waits at least 20 seconds into a silence to say something like... "Cheese helmet"... one of the few surviving legends in this world
Hey josh! that was pretty funny! joshuaha!!! OMGWTFLOL!!! JOSH-HA!!
by Makokasyx April 22, 2009

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When a certain item or event is found to be badly set up or built, or simply if the speaker does not like said item or event, they may be forced to speak up, hence titling said item/event with the aforementioned word
Holy shit, that gig was so bad, it was creakin' dawg

Mate, dat joint fucked with me, it was Creakin'...
by makokasyx August 14, 2009

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Short for Dorothy, or Doorothy sometimes. This person has often been seen in skinny jeans and a black hoodie with white and pink shoes.

Shy by nature but has a nasty habit of doing a face that makes you want to stop walking, drop trousers and take a dump. This sensation is very hard to describe if you haven't seen the face itself.

Has been known to give a whole new meaning to the term: SYNTAX ERRROR.
Alex: Hey Dorrie how are y-


Alex: whoa....ok ... fine....
by makokasyx April 26, 2009

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