A place to store files, taxs, dead body's, and those files your company wants you to keep and they say you would use it but you never will need
When you need to put dead bodies in your file cabinet
by Orange_cheerio November 4, 2016
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A filing cabinet is formal term for a person that exhibits little to no intelligence, provided that they have a functioning brain. Many people mistakenly use terms like "stupid", "retarded" or "mentally handicapped" in place of such a word, but those words are reserved for people without a fully functioning brain.
You're such a filing cabinet.
by thomasgreen June 10, 2013
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The act of shooting your goo inside a girl's butt and then taking a crap in her vagina.
Beatrice wanted me to unload my feces in her and not get her pregnant, so we finished with a rusty file cabinet.
by Hambubgerderf November 16, 2011
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much like a pornfolio, but a porn filing cabinet requires at least 10 Giga bytes of porn
my brother has an entire porn filing cabinet on his computer, it is taking up his entire hard drive
by pete Thay November 21, 2007
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