7 definitions by maki bear (aka maki-b)

Literally succeeds in anything, without even trying. is she gifted with some kind of supernatural shreck given power? who knows. and by anything we mean EVERYTHING. also a freaking artist.

usually has a cat. but you know, it’s just a cat, nothing speacial about that rat.
also, a sophie often has lived in weird places, (quoting from a margaux), you preferably wouldn’t want to set foot in.
person 1: wait this kid passed with a 120% on her math test and she DOESNT EVEN HAVE A MATH BOOK. is there a rational explanation to this?
person 2: well.. it’s a sophie what do you expect.
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 09, 2019
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A french lil horse hoe who enjoys eating churros.
her relation with animals,,, such as horses,, are usually peculiar.
oh look ! a quiterie humping a horse!
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 08, 2019
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Manon’s are the kind of kids who def had too much sugar. they can be dangerous at times, but if you don’t give then knives or forks or things like that, everything should be fine.
Manons are so caring and loving, and like paulines, are like tiny lil moms.
Manon’s have a great sense of humour (usually) and will surely keep u smiling.
*person in a room randomly smiles and stares at you creepily with a pot of sugar in their hand*
you: oh. i see. a manon.
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 10, 2019
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A very smart and caring human. quite a peculiar person at first sight, but you get used to it i guess... also, gives great hugs (but sometimes a bit agressive).
Margauxs, more often spelled Margo or Margeaux, aditionally often suffer from alcoholism and are sometimes a bit too close, sexually, to their pets (especially if it’s a bunny).
person 1: wait... is that person humping a bunny..?
person 2: yea it’s a Margaux
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 09, 2019
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The definition of mature. literally. you won’t find someone more mature than that. The pauline is literally a mom, and will take care of you and everything without anyone asking.
As well as that, paulines are always prepared for ANYTHING and are dotted with talent in everything (except for things regarding spelling or grammar).
But paulines more often have a crazy psycopathe side, and leave their mark after a murder by drawing a “psyco bread” (litteraly a piece of bread holding a knife).
also, it is advised to not bring a spanish teacher near a pauline. things could get ugly.
Regardeless of that, paulines are the sweetest human beings and so caring, if you see one in the streets, dont hesitate to hug her.
pauline: aarg wait let me help you cut that *takes out a knife*
other person: wait tf why do you have a knife in ur pocket????¿¿¿
pauline: oh i do scouts you know. we’re kinda wild.
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 10, 2019
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prononced « whOrEtEnsS ».
a french kpop hoe who enjoys watching tv shows such as rue paul’s drag race. Very kind and sweet and arGGG SUCH A PRECIOUS HUMAN but you DO NOT want to get her mad.

also a very good liar, especially in the Loup Garou game. DO NOT !! TRUST HER !! THERE !!
give her banana milk î order to appease her.
also... the chances that she owns a cat and that it is posessed are quite high.
that person’s cat is very creepy.

she’s probably a hortense
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 08, 2019
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A special kid, often who believes himself smarter than everyone else, but after all isn’t thAt anoying (it could be worse).
Usually a japan/zelda stan and not bad in literature subjects (666).
Can be easily spotted by its green zip sweater, weird dice and grandma/hairdresser scissors in it’s pencil case.
not a single soul:
literally NO ONE:
a vianney: loOK a cOnTrEpÉtRi
by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 09, 2019
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