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Margeaux's are the most kid-hearted and beautiful human beings you will ever meet! Margeaux's have big gorgeous eyes that will capture you in a second. They are the girls that boys look for their whole lives, and the ones that boys go crazy over.
Margeaux's make the best friends that will stick with you through it all no matter what. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, and to put other peoples needs before their own. These girls are always smiling and can always find a way to make the most stubborn person smile.
That girl is such a Margeaux! So beautiful and kind!
by June Prarie December 03, 2013
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A really really really REALLY pretty girl that makes you go crazy. usually when someone likes her they can't get enough of her. Has a really loud irresistible laugh, so beautiful. usually acts like a crazy party animal. talks and acts like a blonde. sometimes acts slutty. but is an amazing person. has gorgeous big eyes
Wow. Did you see that girl. That was such a Margeaux
by FSAfsa123 May 17, 2011
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A fun energetic young woman with expert cuisine skills and a massive heart. She is level-headed and gives great advice. She almost always puts her friends' needs before herself and does not know the meaning of selfish. She's also an incredibly gifted artist, but instead of working on her craft (which is of course already perfected), she chooses learning.
I pulled a margeaux today when I gave my friend a sponge bath after she idiotically fell off her bicycle.

Margeauxs make great attorneys because they are so even-keel.
by 30rock234 November 19, 2011
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A very happy loving young woman. Eclectic, crazy, slightly insane, but totally worth it. Usually, they are greek with a french name.
Look at that girl with the cool blue hair, she is so Margeaux.
by Brigbriggbriggg December 20, 2008
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