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The harderst sport in the world. No, not WWE, real wrestling. Wrestling where you spend six days a week practicing, then going home to eat nothing so you can make weight, then waking up the next morning to practice again, all so that you can get your six minutes in the ring with no breaks or timeouts trying to put the other man in the ring to his back. All the while giving up your social life so that you can practice and lift when you have the free time.
Then, if you're good enough, fit enough and determined enough to win your match, you walk over to your coach to get a few last minute pointers, and then go to your next match for another six intense minutes in the ring.
Furthermore, it is not a gay sport. Wrestling is called gay by many people only because they know that their sport is nowhere near as difficult as wrestling. They call wrestling gay because they don't want to admit that the reason they don't wrestle is because they're lazy and afraid of the pain.
-yo, wrestling so gay when you feel up other men and all that stuff
-shut up, you don't know the first thing about wreslting. Why don't you join the team and see how hard we work instead of doing the track team.
by majicman March 29, 2005
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The coolest majic dude in the world? hahahahh
Bow down to Majic!
by Majicman September 16, 2003
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Someone who refers to this site for Judicial Statements.
The UK Judge could not make a ruling for the slang, even though consulting The Urban Dictionary. (This is true BTW)
by Majicman October 07, 2003
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1) A candy for children used to suck for pleasure.

2) A female body part, a center for some sexual acts.

3) A female's best friend, mostly the sluty ones.

4) Sexual object.

5) Sticky

References: sex, female, slut, cum, woman, girl, kid.
1) Sandy sucked on the flavored lollipop.

2) Heather's lollipops bounced as she ran.

3) Angel had several lollipops in her pocket.

4) Jasmine pushed the cherry lollopop against her cherry.

5) After they were finished, they were both very sticky from the lollipop.
by Majicman August 26, 2003
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